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Building Cob Walls Earthen Plaster Lime Plaster Tadelakt Plaster Building waterproof ​ tubs, sinks and showers! Building Cob Walls During this part of the workshop we will learn how to build cob walls, […]

Natural Building Workshop

This workshop is focused on hands-on building and learning with natural materials. Our project is the construction of a timber framed outdoor kitchen, with a cob wall supporting the counter-top. […]

Natural Building in the Cloud Forests of El Salvador

This workshop is being hosted by the Clouds of El Pital Eco-Tourism Cooperative. Our cooperative has been five separate cob houses and cabins to host tourists in the beautiful El […]

Complete Introduction to Natural Building

An Introduction to Ecological and Natural Building Techniques Including Rubble Trench and Rock Foundation, Wattle and Daub, Earth Bags, Cob, Natural Plasters, and Rocket Mass Heaters! July 21st to the […]