Cob Workshops is a listing for cob building workshops and events.


Recently Added Events

Natural Building Apprenticeship (6 Weeks)

The amount that you will learn while at the Ecovillage Training Center is impossible to describe. Like all of life, it will be what you make of it. However, we […]

Cob & Tadelakt in Marrakesh: Building a 6m2 Hammam (Sauna) in the Fall

In 15 days we will build a small cob hammam, with a dome roof (cob or bricks) plastered with tadelakt, the age-old aerial lime technique which leaves the walls waterproof […]

Bottle Walls; a Natural Building Workshop

Learn how to be artfully integrate recycled materials into your living space. Workshop Will Cover work participants though the complete process of designing, preparing, and building a bottle wall. $150 […]

Plasters, Paints, & Purpose Natural Building Workshop

Using lime, sand, and clays for building beautiful homes traces back thousands of years. A deep understanding of the geological processes that shape these materials is an integral part of […]