Cob Workshops is a listing for cob building workshops and events.


Recently Added Events

Building a Cob Outdoor Kitchen & Oven in southern Portugal

Location & Project Quinta do Rabo de Palha is a 7-hectare parcel just outside of the city of Castro Verde, in the Lower Alentejo region of southern Portugal. This region […]

Building a Wood-fired Cob Sauna in the Azores on the Magical Island of São Miguel

Location & Project The west end of São Miguel I visited São Miguel for the first time last Fall and fell in love immediately with this green, lush island with […]

A Cob Bungalow at “Kasa da Igreja Eco-Lodge” on the gorgeous island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde

Location & Project Parisian-born Mimi Bouligaud created the Kasa d’Igreja Eco-Lodge close to the edge of the cliffs of the lush, green, and wild island of Santo Antão, the largest […]

Introduction to Cob Workshop

Dates: April 24 – April 28, 2017 Location: Keystone Heights, Florida Come and join us down in sunny Florida this spring for our Introduction to Cob Workshop! We will be […]