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Recently Added Events

Introducing Cob Research Institute

Cob Research Institute exists to serve you.  CRI is an ongoing project to make Cob legally accessible to everyone.  As you are probably aware, it is either difficult or impossible […]

Learning to Live Off-the-Grid with Fast Cob!

Fast Cob! will give you the tools to create shelter, but we’ll also look at many ways to collect rainwater, use greywater, create a garden site and forage wild foods.  […]

Focusing on Finishing: Fast Cob + Plaster + Paint + Floors = Fun!

a 25′ x 30′ structure with a partial 2nd floor will be the canvas for this workshop.  This house has a stone and 18″ cob wall foundation; we’ll be pouring […]

Ecological & Natural Building Workshop

[GET A 20% DISCOUNT] Gain insight in designing efficient buildings using ecological materials, passive solar techniques, appropriate site selection, and basics of structural integrity. Engage in hands-on natural building […]