Cob Workshops is a listing for cob building workshops and events.


Recently Added Events

Natural Building Intensive

– Cob – Straw Bale – Light Straw Clay – Slip and Chip – Ricecrete – Mushroom blocks – and more! … Instructors: Michael G. Smith, Colin Gillespie, Blair Phillips […]

Earth Plasters and Finishes

Learn to make and apply your own earth-based finish materials as we put the finishing touches on an earth and straw bale building! We will make earth plaster from site-harvested […]

7-Day Cob Oven and Natural Building Overview

The focus of this class will be the construction of a cob bread/pizza oven from start to finish. Students will build the stone foundation, firebrick hearth, cob dome structure, and […]

Cob Oven & Benches & Work Table at the Muddy Mule Farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains

*This is organized as a 7-day workshop, but we are accepting part-time participation for 4, 5 & 6 days* HOST & LOCATION & PROJECT Dave & Lindsey  and their tribe […]