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A Complete Introduction to Earthen Building Techniques (Cob, Slip Straw, Wattle and Daub, Timber Framing)

Come and experience our small natural building community in the cloud forests of El Salvador´s highest mountain! This workshop is being hosted by the Clouds of El Pital Eco-Tourism Collective. […]

A Permitted 2-Story Cob & Light Clay Straw House w/ Rocket Mass Heater on São Miguel, Azores Islands in Portugal

This workshop will be the longest, most diverse and most comprehensive one we have yet offered to our students. We will be completing a 2-story building with a criptomeria (local […]

Cob Oven Weekend

In this class we will build a wood-fired cob bread/pizza oven from start to finish. Students will build the stone foundation, firebrick hearth, cob structure, and finish the oven with […]

Intro to Earthen Building Workshop

Dates: October 18 – October 22, 2021 (YES. We are still having the workshop as scheduled.) Location: Keystone Heights, Florida Come and join us in Florida for our next Introduction […]