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A Cob Bungalow at “Kasa da Igreja Eco-Lodge” on the gorgeous island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde


May 13 - May 28 Contact

Location & Project

Parisian-born Mimi Bouligaud created the Kasa d’Igreja Eco-Lodge close to the edge of the cliffs of the lush, green, and wild island of Santo Antão, the largest and most primitive of the Cabo Verde island chain.  Cabo Verde is an Afro-Portuguese country consisting of 10 diverse islands located 400 km off the coast of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean.  The official language is Portuguese with Kriol (a broken Portuguese) as the dominant cultural language.  Each island is totally different from the others and Santo Antão is the most natural and traditional , with few cars and hard-working people living happily, peacefully and mostly self-sufficiently.  The island is known for its many hiking trails connecting villages and with breathtaking views of the ocean, abundant fertile valleys and rocky mountainscape.  The people are down to earth and close to their ancestral ways.

Mimi’s Kasa (see photos below) is located at the end of the stunning valley of the little village of Cha D’Igreja, with views out to the sea and up to the high mountains.  It is located on the north side, right on one of the most beautiful 5-mile coastal hikes of the whole island. Mimi is a creative and earthy woman who fell in love with Santo Antão and decided to make it her home, offering her “green pensão (small hotel)” to travellers, hikers and tourists to experience the island in its most authentic nature. The eco-friendly stone and canvas accommodations are clean, comfortable and surrounded by a verdant garden in which much of the food provided is grown. The food is of gastronomic quality which is particularly impressive considering the isolation of the place.

The climate in May ranges from 21℃ to 25℃ or 70℉ to 77℉ and it is the dry season meaning no rainfall at all.  It is a perfect time to build and to experience Cabo Verde.

We will build a 10km2 bungalow with the local clay soils, sand and wild grasses to introduce Cob Building to the island of Santo Antão (we taught 2 workshops on Santiago and São Vicente last year).  The stone and mortar foundation will be built the week before the workshop by local rock mason experts.  Workshop students are welcome to arrive early and volunteer as they learn, paying for room and board.  During the Course we will build the walls, inserting windows, a door, shelves, bottles & other artistic elements, electricity and plumbing.  We will pour an earthen floor, sculpt and plaster the walls and finally build a local-style thatched roof (led by local experts!). (See detailed Course Contents below).  Starting from a finished foundation (unless you arrive earlier), you will learn  and practice everything you need to know to build a cob structure.  Foundation will be covered in lectures.  As always we will have a vibrant international group of student builders including local Cape Verdians from Santo Antão and other islands.

The workshop will be in Portuguese and English and if needed, French.


Kasa d’Igreja EcoLodge
Chã da Igreja, Santo Antão, Cape Verde


(Skype number) 209 813 4117