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Earthen Construction Skill builder

April 26, 2014 - May 4, 2014 Contact

This workshop takes place over 2 weekends
Dates: April 26-27 and May 3-4, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

This unique workshop is specifically designed for aspiring builders, contractors, and homeowners living in Southern Oregon who want to become proficient with a style of building that is more in line with their values and aesthetics.

Clay-rich earth has been used for millennia as a building material. It is very abundant, inexpensive and easy to work with. It does not rot, insects don’t like it vey much, and thick clay walls add a lot of thermal mass to house, keeping it cool in the summer and more consistently warm in the winter. In addition, building with earth means we can create housing without the use of toxic chemicals or exploiting limited natural resources.

Earthen materials have been used for millenea to create simple, comfortable shelters, and are still widely used worldwide. It’s estimated that 25% of the world’s population lives in buildings that include hand-made earthen materials.

Earthen building is experiencing a renaissance in North America, as a result of the high cost, poor performance, and environmental destruction of conventionally built structures. Novice builders and seasoned professionals alike are are finding earthen building techniques irresistibly seductive.

After taking this workshop students will gain proficiency in 4 of the most common earthen building techniques:

Cob and adobe. Learn how to mix materials and build structural walls. Learn how to integrate wiring, plumbing, windows and doors.
Light-straw-clay. This mixture of straw and clay is an “infill” technique, to be used to fill the spaces in load bearing walls found in a stud-frame or timber-frame building. This hybrid techniques provides a good balance between insulation and thermal mass.
Earthen plasters. Learn how to make custom earth plasters and to apply them to a variety of surfaces such as straw bale, cob, straw-clay, drywall, and concrete block. Experiment with artistic touches with “Bas relief” (3-d plasters) and clay based paints.
Earthen floors. This natural floor technique creates a soft, warm, durable and beautiful finish. Earthen floors can be easily installed over tamped earth, concrete slabs, or plywood/OSB subfloors.
Students will learn how to find the right materials and how to prepare them for each specific building method. We will use simple, inexpensive tools, healthy building practices and easy to learn processes. All 4 techniques can be applied in new construction, but also make it possible to do beautiful natural renovations of older homes on a shoestring budget. We have found that after participating in our workshops, people feel confident and eager to start on their projects right away.

Bring your questions and building ideas to the workshop! Workshop size is limited to 12 people, to ensure plenty of time to answer individual questions and develop skills. Most of the building work we do is intended for future use, and is not just “practice.”


April 26, 2014
May 4, 2014
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