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From the Ground Up with COB May 15th-19th


May 15, 2017 - May 19, 2017 Contact

~ Natural Stone Foundation
~ Building Cob Walls
~ Sculptural ~ Artistic Cob
~ Natural & Lime Plasters
~ Earthen (Adobe) Floor

Natural Stone Foundation
– Site Selection, Site Prep, & Establish Drainage
– Choose Materials & Build a Rubble Trench
– Prep Stones, Slake Lime, & Make Lime Mortar
– Build a Foundation using Basic Masonry Techniques

We will build a lime mortared foundation suitable for a cob structure.  We encourage participants to work at a pace comfortable for you as you learn to choose suitable stones to piece together the puzzle that will become the foundation.

You will learn everything you need to know to build a lime mortar foundation for a building, including site selection, drainage, using lime, choosing materials, and utility access.

Building Cob Walls
During this part of the workshop we will learn how to build cob walls, and ‘learn by doing’ as we:

– Choose materials and mix cob
– Build cob with forms and free form
– Trim & shape walls using a cob saw
– Make corbel cob for sculpted elements

We will cover just about every aspect of building cob walls including, site selection and passive solar design, building your home on a solid foundation, sourcing materials for a good cob mix, setting windows and doors, and placing anchors in cob walls for the roof.

Sculptural Cob
During this part of the workshop we will learn how to sculpt and trim, as well a make a special kind of cob called corbel cob. Corbel cob can be used to cantilever furniture and shelves, sculptures, window sills, and an endless variety of artistic embellishments that can be added to your cob home.

Natural Plaster
Working with natural plasters is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of creating an earthen structure; the dessert after the main course of building with cob. We will explore and compare a variety of recipes.

Lime Plaster & Lime Paint
We will consider the advantages and challenges of using lime, as we create various colors & effects with natural mineral pigments.

Earthen Floor
We will be pouring a natural earthen floor, sometimes called adobe, on the last day of the workshop.  We will learn by doing as we prepare materials, choose appropriate insulation, prep the sub floor, set up the frame, and see the final step to building with earth.

General– We will start each day with breakfast, & begin building at 8:00. We will break for lunch at 12:00, & work will end at 5:00. We suggest out of town guests, as well as local folks, to arrive the night before to set up camp. We will eat three meals a day together every day for each day of the workshop.​

Last Minute Special $379. Couples Last Minute $649.


May 15, 2017
May 19, 2017
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