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Ceremonial Cob Roundhouse at “To the Trees Retreat” in Pescadero, CA

September 29, 2024 ∞ 12:00 pm - November 3, 2024 ∞ 12:00 pm


We will be building a 14m2/150ft2 cob ceremonial roundhouse for the farm where elders and other community members will perform rituals and spiritual work for healing and repairing the wounds and trauma sustained by individuals, communities, animals, vegetation and the Earth.  We especially invite non-White students who are curious or already interested and passionate about earthen construction to come learn the art and technique of cob building with CCG this summer.  We want a workshop that feels comfortable for non-white students, and in which white students are not the majority. CCG has taught in many countries of the world and our mission is to create access to everyone interested.  So please come and join the adventure.

The reciprocal roof we build in all of our workshops is the strongest roof there is due to its interlocking spiral structure. In addition it represents the horizontal social structure favored in indigenous societies for council circles and other gatherings.

Students in this Advanced Cobber Certification training will, as always, learn all the steps to building a complete cob building from scratch: digging the trench and building a stone foundation and pouring the floor in week 1, building the monolithic cob wall with all its detailed insertions in weeks 2 & 3, sculpting the wall in week 3, plastering in week 4, building the completed roof in weeks 4 & 5 and finishing the wall and the second floor coat at the end of week 5.





Finishing up Week 1 in the Azores workshop: Foundation & Floor!


The 35-day Advanced Cob Building Workshop consists of 25 days (Monday through Friday) of learning & construction for 4 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon with theoretical instruction (lectures with graphics) on most Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons to complement the hands-on experience.

Students arrive on Sunday between noon and 2pm and settle in. The workshop begins at 4pm with the Opening Circle followed by a Host Site Orientation and Introduction to the Project. Dinner is served at 6pm, and will be followed by an Introduction to the 5-week Workshop by Instructor Josh Burg & Assistant Michelle Macone.  Monday morning we begin digging the trench for our Cob Building!!!!


Instructor Paula Carneiro lectures on plaster mixes in North Carolina


Following Breakfast from 7:30-8:15am, the morning learning/building session begins at 8:30 am and lasts until 1pm with a 20-minute snack pause at 11am. Lunch break is from 1pm to 2:30pm, which includes a rest time before the 3-hour afternoon session begins. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays there is a 60-minute lecture, followed by construction time. Tuesdays and Thursdays students begin building again right after the rest time. After class in the afternoon there is a 90-minute break before dinner (served from 7pm to 8pm), in which students are encouraged to stretch, do some type of relaxation/movement practice, go swimming, walking and just relax


Post-Lunch Lecture & Chill Time


There is sometimes a work trade student officially or informally leading yoga and movement practice in the mornings or afternoons (depending on student preference). There will also be 3-4 evenings (once a week) after dinner for showing slides,videos and having Course-related discussions. Other evenings are mostly free and sometimes students offer informal courses in their specialties and passions. Mondays are reserved for our weekly Council Circle, where we do a deeper sharing and listening to attend to the inner worlds of our students and staff during this intense experience.


Proud Graduates in the Azores!


On weekends students are free to explore the area, rest onsite, and even continue building, with Instructor approval.  All weekend meals are provided by students who can use the kitchen.  Host and other students can carpool into town for weekend food provisions.

The 35-day Course will offer practical learning by building a complete 15m2  curvilinear building from foundation to roof, as 
described in the “Project” section. Those who complete the 35-day Workshop will receive an Advanced Cobber Certificate of Completion for Foundation, Cob Walls (which includes Door, Windows, Shelves, Art, Electrical Housing & Plumbing preparation), Floor, Plaster & Roof.



September 29, 2024 ∞ 12:00 pm
November 3, 2024 ∞ 12:00 pm


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