• Claudine

  • Diane Jennings

  • Jamie Brandenburg

    Meadow Creek Mountain Ranch is located at the foot of the Cherokee National Forest in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. The Ranch is off the beaten path yet located within an easy drive of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and several other beautiful destinations in Tennessee, as well as Asheville and Hot Springs, North Carolina. We are new to this area and new to the Ranch life. We are very excited and ready to create a sustainable community here!

  • Alex

  • Shawn King

    Shawn and Melissa Rae King have been building with earth, demonstrating, and teaching others in earth building and earthen plasters for more than four years. Projects include multiple earthen ovens, earth benches, and tiny earthen houses. Shawn has trained both at Cob Cottage Company and at Cal Earth. Both Melissa and Shawn are instructors with Cob Cottage Company and have worked closely with Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley as well as other members of the Cob Cottage Company teaching community.

  • Angie Bales

    Angie operates The Baleyree Shire, a 12 acre farm and natural building workshop site in Tennessee with her partner, Jamie Tyree. We encourage natural builders who are just starting out in their careers to contact us when they're ready to lead their own workshops.

  • Steven Westbrook

  • Ms. Mikel Carmon

    I am the host for a cob cottage workshop. I attended a great workshop last year and was totally inspired and now am hosting a cob cottage intensive in the Juniper Mountains located near Seligman, AZ. We are off the grid. My background is in healing and counseling. I have just been certified in Eden Energy Medicine and I love this work. Also, being "grounded" for optimum health is salient. What better way to be grounded than living and enjoy your own cob guest house, office, home, etc. We invite you to come join us for great food, community and impeccable facillatators to learn about building your own cob project and putting your own creativity into it. For more information: email or call 307.277.1235. My best and warmest regards, Mikel

  • Scott Howard

    Scott Howard is an ecological designer and artisan who has taught workshops, designed and built around the world for over ten years. His workshop offerings include a wide variety of skills and topics in natural building, permaculture, and eco-technology. Workshops are offered in many countries, where cross-cultural experiences enrich the learning process.

  • Dave Olsen

    Dave Olsen completed a cob workshop led by Ianto Evans in 1996 and has had mud (and sourdough) on his hands ever since. He began hosting Natural Building workshops in 2007, began instructing the revolutionary "Fast Cob" mixing and building methods in 2009, and turned 50 in 2013. Based on off-the-grid Lasqueti Island, he also hosts an apprenticeship that goes well beyond Natural Building, helping younger people develop responsible and environmentally sustainable lifestyles with enjoyment and ease. Dave has been very fortunate to have worked with many of the leading cob builders of our time and to have a dynamic, cob- and bicycle-loving daughter (and dog!).

  • Alexander Maggio

    Allie Maggio is an instructor with the Cob Cottage Company and teaches building cob, including walls, arches, windows, rubble foundations, siting, and roofs. He is a father of 3 home-schooled children, and is an accomplished carpenter and forester. There will be another instructor for this workshop (to be announced) and will also include staff with cob building experience.

  • Mary Lund

    Enjoying living in a cobwood house with my family that we built together in '05, and working on new natural building projects around our farm every year.

  • Robin Goodman

    Middle aged female with an artist heart and deep desire to build a cob home in North Carolina in Greene County. I am interested in living free, gardening, rocket mass heaters, prepping, solar, and numerous topics related to this life style. Would enjoy meeting others with similar desires in the Kinston/Greenville area. Will be taking a workshop soon and will need helpers for my own home!

  • Ziggy

  • Natural Builders of the Upstate

    Natural Builders of the Upstate is helping to promote natural building in the Upstate of South Carolina. This group is for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and learn more about building with Natural Materials (cob, slip-clay, straw bale, earthship biotecture, earthbags, earthen plasters). Members will have many opportunities to learn and get hands on experience with natural building through workshops, guest speakers, community gatherings, green home tours, and helping build natural homes.

  • Tinece

  • Sasha Rabin

    Sasha Rabin has been practicing natural building as well as teaching it since 2002, when she began her building career with an apprenticeship at the Cob Cottage Company. Since then she has taught all over the US through the organizations that she co-founded, Seven Generations Natural Builders and Vertical Clay, as well as collaborated with other schools and organizations including The Yestermorrow Design Build School, The Canelo Project, The Solar Living Institute, Quail Springs Permaculture, as well as taught at the Permaculture Research Institute in Jordan. Although she enjoys building, her true passions lie in the teaching and sharing natural building with others. Visit Sasha’s website at to learn more.

  • Canadian Earth Institute

  • Andrea

  • Alison McKenzie

    I'm a 51 year old woman whose dream is to acquire some land and build a cob home for my retirement. I currently live in Kingman, AZ. Don't know that I will necessarily settle here. Would probably love to eventually do this in Oregon, but we'll see. Right now I'm interested in helping with cob building as work exchange on my days off - I usually have a few days at a stretch but I do work most Saturdays. I'm willing to drive 4-5 hours away to help out, and would love to have a place to sleep in exchange for my labor.

  • Tess Clearman

    I live in Montana and am looking for a way to not be in mortgage debt for the remainder of my life.

  • marcia trotchie

  • Cob Cottage Company

    Start at the Source with Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley, co-authors of The Hand Sculpted House

  • abdallah abolehiah

    living in Saudi Arabia , love nature & natural things

  • Tree Rozelle

    Mission To promote the use of environmentally conscious building materials and techniques through education, personal involvement and environmental stewardship. Description Shelter is one of the basic needs to sustaining life. In a society where we have become so detached from our own living spaces and what goes into their construction we seek to bring people back in touch with their quality of life through focusing on where we spend most of it, the home. General Information We hold workshops, build, and educate on Earthen Building techniques. Currently our feet and hands are in the mudd building with COB.

  • Jamela Neal

  • Ryan Lambert

  • Eva I Vanderbelt

    Reno, Nevada 89502

  • Brenda Quintero

    Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm seeks to promote the concepts of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. We are passionate about the abundance of nature all around us, and look for ways to share teachings that afford all peoples an opportunity to live richly, working with the earth to manifest solutions for our basic needs. We are excited to offer Cob House workshops!! Specifically geared towards affordability, our workshops aim to provide students with the confidence, knowledge and community support needed to realize their own affordable passive-solar home. Golden Rocks Permaculture Farm offers a private room, a bunk room, and private and group camping spaces. Our workshops participants are nourished in first-class style, with fresh, local organic meals from the massive Golden Rocks market garden, here on the property.

  • Martyn Sidaway

    Caravan park and Eco building centre

  • Andrew Glikin

    What is Raw Roots Farm? Raw Roots Farm is a small, 5 acre organic vegetable farm located in the Sierra Nevada foothill town of Catheys Valley. It is run by Andrew and Lauren Glikin who plan to sustainably manage a local, naturally-grown, community farm that will produce enough food to support at least 40 families in Mariposa and Merced counties. The farm runs year-round and produces a diverse quantity of crops that are compatible with the seasonal climate they are grown in. The food is sold at local farmer’s markets and on the farm directly through a community shared agriculture (CSA) program. Raw Roots Farm also serves as a space to share and teach sustainable living practices like natural building, solar technology, grey water systems, and many more. Our Mission Raw Roots is dedicated to providing local, natural, and sustainable grown produce for our Mariposa, El Portal, Catheys Valley and Merced community members. We promote a healthy and engaging community environment through the shared production of organic produce. Our practice of farming is done in accordance to and with the respect of the local environment and the balanced global system we live in. We will expand our program in the next year to educate the entire community on how sustainable living can easily become an integral and instinctual part of their lifestyle. Education will not only occur directly at Raw Roots but will also be taken into the surrounding community. We Believe * Every person deserves the right to know not only where their food comes from but that it is healthy and safe. * Every person deserves the right to be a part of their local community. * A truly sustained community is a community that supports one another. * Sustainable food comes from local businesses, not global or national ones. * Every person should be able to have a hand or a say in growing their own food if desired. * The practice of agriculture should be done in accordance to and with respect to the land around it, i.e. conservation and sustainable management. * Food should be grown without the addition of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, or any genetically modified seeds.

  • Jamie Wardley

    I am an elementary school art teacher who teaches at one the first Green Schools in Northeast Florida. I just learned about Cob and I am anxious to learn more!

  • Greg Allen

    Born and raised in Upstate NY. Studied design in school, followed by Natural Building as part of the Cob Cottage Company's 2008 apprenticeship program. Now I live in a strawbale house in Snow Camp, NC with my partner and son. Our Mud Dauber School of Natural Building, founded in 2014, was the reason for buying land, and continues to be our passion.

  • suzanne maese

  • anita hollman

    I am in Minnesota, and want to get strawbaling!

  • Julie schatz

  • Ashevillage Institute

  • Scott Senske

  • Permaculture School

    Permaculture School: Design Ecology & Living Skills is a year-long ecological learning journey that begins with a 12-week residency in Asheville, NC; May 23 - August 14. The program is designed for those who want to build their Permaculture projects, pathways, and careers. You are especially encouraged to apply if you are on a path toward being a permaculture leader, professional, practitioner, educator, activist, or advocate. Seats are limited. College credit is available. For more info >>

  • marie owen

  • Andrea Rook

    You are likely to find Andrea, her daughter and friends giggling at a local cafe, chatting about the ordinary events of our lives and community. Professionally, Andrea focuses on customer service work primarily for non-profit clients. Andrea teaches Aqua fitness at the YMCA and volunteers her fundraising skills for a variety of projects.

  • Conrad Rogue

    House Alive has been teaching workshops in natural building since 2001. we have taught well over 1000 students and built more than 50 structures all over the world.

  • Dawn Marie

  • Heather Noakes

    Co-conspirator at Dirt Craft Natural Building, specializing in straw bale building, natural plasters, earthen floors, cob ovens & rocket mass heaters. We offer natural building workshops, consulting to support owner builders, and facilitated building to train crews, and assist in the construction of individual projects.

  • Pablo Loayza

    The Natural Living School is a place where people can come and gain the experience and confidence they need to simplify their lives, learn to live in balance with nature, and to feed their spirits. Our participants learn how to legally construct an affordable, naturally built cottage, create a home garden with the potential for self sufficiency, and experience the art of natural living. The school is a drug and substance free atmosphere.

  • Raymond Cirino

    After twenty years of fine woodworking, he moved to Los Angeles to work as an industrial designer and artist, opening a new world of discovery as an artist inventor. From 1998 to 2010 articles on his creative abilities were published in seventy-five magazines, twenty websites, ten books and eight newspapers. He was interviewed on seven radio shows and seen twice on TV. In 1998 a full page photo of his Water Woman sculpture was featured in the Smithsonian Magazine in an article about the Burning Man festival.  Subsequently, Ray founded two Water Woman festivals based on permaculture  techniques and sustainable art. In 2002, he began studies in permaculture,cob building, and continues as a top innovator in this movement focused on sustainable energy, agriculture, water, and shelter systems. After adding permaculture to his skill set, he now has the ability to turn a problem into the solution. Today Ray teaches young people proven sustainable skills and methods.  A prime mover and shaker in a world that has become less sustainable, he promotes the abundances nature offers.  Ray Cirino celebrates and teaches the opportunities that give birth to Ecological, Psychological, and Spiritual Sustainability at a time when we face great challenges as a species.

  • Cliff Davis

    Cliff Davis has vast experience in the fields of permaculture, food forestry, organics, appropriate technology, natural building, deep nature connection and regenerative agriculture, that allow him to offer an integrative approach to land and culture repair. Cliff first became involved in natural building in 2004 when he helped build a cob shed with Christina Ott of Barefoot Builder. He went on to study other forms of natural building, eventually teaching courses and working as a freelance natural builder. He has 11 years of direct experience with a variety of methods, including, timber framing, earthen ovens, cob, strawbale, thatch, cordwood, straw/clay slip, earthbag, natural plasters, living roofs, organic round pole framing and more. He is co-owner of Spiral Ridge Permaculture and Edible Habitats Design Studio.

  • Debbi Cornell

    Rocket Mass Heater Class May 15 - 17, 2015 Double build class In W. WA near Chehalis Come to Triple C Permaculture Farms for a weekend workshop with Ernie and Erica Wisner and just added Matt Remine who all competed at Wheaton Labs in the Rocket Mass Heater Collaberation. We will be building a RMH Bench and Permaculture Kitchen RMH Stove at this event. There's only room for 30 people and spots are going fast, so register ASAP! For more information, visit Triple C Permaculture Farms on Facebook! $500 couple - $300 person/May Special $ 450/250 person Send money and reserve your spot to Debbi Cornell 425 Hart Rd, Winlock, WA 98589 360-631-1100/ Camping friendly, food provided, plenty of parking

  • Tamsen Cassidy

    Living in Haines Alaska and looking for sustainable and low cost building techniques and builders! Recycle and upcycle...envisioning a self sufficient lifestyle with animals as a my primary focus, and growing in the Alaskan climate... I am a Help Exchange host and this has been the best experience of my thrives when there is exchange. I hope to own acreage to produce fiber, dairy, eggs and also to host yak tours...

  • Amy Love

  • Ardis White

    I have gardened for many years. I have also designed spaces, remodeled a number of homes and managed construction of several homes. I am interested in transitioning from traditional methods to more ecologically sustainable approaches to building and living.

  • Carrie Lewis

    Cob Designs is a Bellingham, Washington based business focusing on natural materials in place of conventional products used in construction. Cob Designs strives to empower people and lessen our impact on the world. We support a strong, aware community thru natural building workshops for cob and bale/cob structures, garden walls, earthen ovens, and floors. Through hands on practice we aim to connect with our surroundings, gain skills that lead to self sufficiency, and to create community with our neighbors. Natural building creates healthy spaces for everyone to live and work in. This includes being conscious of the resources we are collecting, and aware of the footprint we are making.

  • Christo Markham

  • Diane Maldonado

    Hello all! I am single mother who is pursing her lifelong dream of living in the country. Living in South America and growing up on a farm had a huge influence on me and therefore I am pursuing this "risky" endeavor as my family and friends would say. I have never been more content and full of joy living this type of lifestyle. I am starting my own unique business and am still learning all there is to know about sustainability. I hope to quit my day job one day and fully depend on the land and myself. I did a year and half cob building apprenticeship and now am ready to host my own workshops and teach about this type of lifestyle while learning as I go. I live on 20 acres and am eager to teach and learn.

  • Laurrien Gilman

    CultureSeed is a WA state Non-Profit dedicated to inspiring and supporting Thriving Global Communities~! We host experiential programs and transformational events at our home base, Atlan Center as well as elsewhere in the world. our offerings include: Permaculture, Natural Building, Healing, Visual Arts and Culture-crafting.

  • Brandy Reedy

    Homeowner, Yorkshire terrier owner/breeder, working on first novel, stay with Mother most of the time to take care of her as she is almost 71 years old, and we have 30 acres of land..I would love to start a survivalist community on my property! I have the blueprints for free fuel required, and invented by Tesla! Finding the people to trust to live here for free is the biggest problem I think I would ever encounter! Would love to have a community garden and around 5-8 homes on property w/free energy! I believe in trust and loyalty, and honesty! If you don't have that, basically you have nothing, no matter what the relationship! Right now I am not as educated as I would like to be on building cobb homes! I hope to host an event in the future! I am located in N.E. Ms. If anyone would like to contact me and discuss cobb/survivalists my email is bsreedy69@gmail, or I frequently check more often as I.V. van der grayson is the alias I plan to publish my novel under!

  • Tobias Roberts

    The best place to learn natural construction (with an emphasis on cob) in the cloud forest of El Salvador´s El Trifinio Biosphere.

  • Roberto Barbagalllo

  • April Leasa

  • Jared Capp

    J. “Cappie” Capp Bio: I own Pangea Design, a natural building company in Spearfish, South Dakota, USA. I lived in my first off-grid home in 2004 - it was a 1993 International school bus that I modified with PV solar and a composting toilet. Last year, I completed my code-approved off-grid, straw bale home. I also work as a ‘conventional’ builder that focuses on reused, natural, and locally-sourced materials. In 2016, I have contracts to build residential and commercial straw bale structures, and I will continue to offer instruction in natural building with workshops during our summer season.

  • bearfoot

    I am the co-owner of Earth Ayni in Costa Rica, a center for healing, wellness, and sustainable living. My interest in natural building began during my years as an artist whose work was inspired by environmental issues. In sharing what I have learned and bringing awareness to the global community, I hope to empower others to be self-sufficient and to live a more eco-conscious and healthy life. I continue to search for new, sometimes ancient methods of creating a world in which we can live in harmony with Pachamama and each other. I have learned from and worked with many talented people and organizations such as Gernot Minke, Cal-Earth (The California Institute for Earth Art and Architecture), Solar Living Institute, Midwest Permaculture, Cob Cottage Company, Ka’Way Monti School for Sustainability (Peru), and the Masonry Heater Association of North America. Clients have included The AVANI Organization (India), Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, and Adventist Health International (Africa).

  • Kelly Nafie

    After 15+ years in the community development field, including Peace Corps, a Master's in Intercultural Leadership, D.C./big-city madness, and all the mainstream jazz, I fell out of romance with my computer and began to explore cob amidst seasonal work, adventure, and internal metamorphosis. What started as a short term mud fling has become a healthy, long-term, inspired passion for building! In the past three years, I have studied, worked and played under Ianto Evans, Linda Smiley, Betty Seaman, Allie Maggio, Rebekah Lesher Hacker, Pedro Pizarro Villalobos, Bernhard Masterson, David Gonxales, and Tammy and Bob Van on projects in Mexico, Arizona, California, and Oregon. I enjoy building from the ground up (including lugging large stem wall boulders across ravines, which, yes, I consider “meditative” :) ), renovating existing structures, slathering on uber-creamy finish plasters, inspiring others (especially women!) to build their own homes, and collaborating on projects with crews from around the world. I am giddily anxious to further explore and perfect earthen renovation of trailers and other low-energy-efficiency dwellings into sustainable, efficient, cozy homes with Betty Seaman in Los Olivos this coming year. My always-more-muddy-than-necessary bag of tricks includes light straw clay, cob, bale cob, strawbale, earthen plasters, lime plasters, lime fresco, lots of laughter, chocolate, and directions to the nearest hotsprings.

  • Matt Anderson

    WALL to WALL is a natural building workshop series happening this spring in the Willits, CA area. Renowned natural builder and author Michael G. Smith will lead each of the 5 workshops, which will occur between May 20 and June 28, 2016 at Ridgewood Ranch. WALLTOWALLWORKSHOP.COM Each day will include about 3 hours of lectures and slide presentations covering building science, design methodology and 6 hours of hands-on building. The techniques taught include cob, strawbale, light straw/clay, earthen floors, cordwood masonry, earthbag foundation, clay plasters, natural paints and more! The curriculum will build upon itself throughout the series, resulting in an advanced training appropriate for professionals as well as first time owner-builders. WALL to WALL is also designed so that you may attend any number of individual workshops if you’re interested primarily in a specific technique. We will be constructing a multi-purpose pole-barn studio, seamlessly blending all of these techniques into a single structure. Delicious organic meals will be prepared 3 times daily, and workshop participants are encouraged to camp on-site at the beautiful 5,000 acre Ridgewood Ranch, located in the heart of Mendocino County, California. The schedule is as follows: May 21-24: Earthbag Foundation & Cob June 4-7: Light Straw/Clay & Cob June 11-14: Cordwood, Cob and Earthen Floors June 18-21: Straw Bale & Plasters June 25-28: Natural Floors, Plasters, Paints & Finishes There is early bird pricing for those who register before April 20, and additional discounts for couples, families and friends attending together. Kids 13 and under are welcome for a minimal fee. Come prepared to work hard, make new friends, learn many skills, and open new doors into a sustainable future! You can learn more and register on our website at: WALLTOWALLWORKSHOP.COM

  • Michael McDonough

  • Jeni Fan

  • Megan Toben

    Since its inception in 2005, a beautiful and resilient community has formed around the Eco-Institute. Members of this community include parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, students, artists, professionals, activists and children of all ages. Each year, we host workshops in practical sustainability skills, field trips for school groups, summer camps for kids, seasonal celebrations, community gatherings, and three seasonal sessions of the residential Odyssey Fellowship Program for young adults. We are one strong local center among many who are part of a global awakening to the detrimental effects of the Industrial Growth Economy, working for a shift towards a Life Sustaining Society. In the words of our friend and teacher Thomas Berry, we dream of a mutually enhancing Human-Earth Relationship.

  • Kelley Rustine

    I have been practicing natural building since 2012 when I took a 4 month all woman natural building apprenticeship. Since then I have been exploring many aspects of working with natural materials including art installations, natural paints and plasters, workshops on cob related topics, and bottle window art. Currently I live in Asheville NC and I will travel for natural building projects!

  • Cassandra Lishman

    Living in the Lammas Ecovillage of Tir-y-Gafel with my husband Nigel & our 3 children, we sculpt gardens, houses, willow creatures & baskets, and importantly cob greenhouses & walls!

  • Laura Look

    The Ecovillage Training Center is a living laboratory with a mandate to contribute to a more sustainable planet. We offer a unique environment for folks who are just beginning to learn and think about implementing more sustainable practices and others who have dedicated their lives to topics around permaculture.

  • Muddbums-Natural Building

    Mission: To promote the use of environmentally conscious building materials and techniques through education, personal involvement and environmental stewardship. Description: Shelter is one of the basic needs to sustaining life. In a society where we have become so detached from our own living spaces and what goes into their construction, we seek to help reconnect people with a quality of life that focuses on where we spend the majority of it; the home. General Information: We offer private consultation and lead workshops focusing on hands-on, skill-based learning and education of design with natural elements. Contrary to popular belief, Natural Building can be a very expensive undertaking and is extremely labor intensive. We offer a unique service where we seek to partner with owner-builders interested in appropriate natural building techniques, and are willing to provide a safe and healthy environment to conduct workshops and seminars. The goal being, to provide students with the skills necessary to design and create a their own space and to alleviate some of the labor costs associated with Natural Building.

  • Mike Eaton

  • Elizabeth Diane

    ELIZABETH (”LISA”) DIANE Has 20 years design experience in the fields of green residential design, site planning + development, civil engineering + land surveying, with a passion for the Earth and the “Architecture of the Cosmos”. She is also a professional sand sculptor. Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis on Ecological / Green Building Design + Furniture Design from The Evergreen State College. Lisa has built her own earthbag dome and has assisted in other natural building systems, such as cob and slip straw (light straw clay). She has also acted as general contractor for a permitted home and supervised design and construction of others. Lisa loves to inspire others to co-create new ways of helping each other build in harmony with the earth and each other with an attitude of abundance. She is also interested in low-cost ways of building structures to provide warm, safe beautiful homes for homeless, low income and disadvantaged people. VISIT:

  • Cob Code

  • Andrea Lynn

    Just getting started with learning about cob

  • Joni Jones

    It's a transitional time for me - my career, my relationships, my living space and especially my Spriitual Journey are all being considered anew. Currently a CPA by occupation, a mother of one wonderful adult daughter and a vegan leaning vegetarian with Unitarian Universalist as my faith tradition. Seeking my path and my connections to life, the human experience, our animal companions and learning to live more gently and respectfully with Mother Earth.


  • Paul Lemos

    A man with dreams of building his own home, very handy with tools, been in the service industry for a very long time, come from a farming background have been working with tile and stucco past couple of years just feel that this next step in my creative process. Was married for 28 years now its my time to create.

  • Laura Harrawood

    A Missouri native. Raising pack llamas. Doing a lot of things the old way.

  • Yvonne Russell

    We are in our fifties wanting to build a cob home. We now live in Az. At this point we are just reading everything about cob building and other buildings. I am a retired nurse and have my own business Jay is a retired engineer. Anyone from Arizona that can give us input? We would love to hear from you.

  • Austin Drill

    Casa de Tierra is an ecologically and ethically minded endeavor that practices structurally-effective, economically-efficient, and environmentally-sustainable building methods to create homes, schools and community projects in Nicaragua. We advocate the preservation of natural resources; encourage the use of materials that are renewable, local and low in embodied energy; promote healthier in-door air quality and working environments; foster energy efficient design strategies; and, reduce waste and pollution to create a positive impact on the local community and larger environment. From concept to creation, Casa de Tierra strives to reduce the impact of the built environment on our natural one.

  • School of Integrated Living (SOIL)

    School of Integrated Living (SOIL) aims to inspire and empower students to live responsible and creative lives by providing experiential education in sustainability, integrated living and regenerative systems. SOIL is headquartered out of Earthaven Ecovillage, a 23-year old intentional community, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

  • Michael G. Smith

    Michael G. Smith has been teaching, writing and consulting on natural building for 25 years. In 1993 he co-founded the Cob Cottage Company in Oregon. He co-authored the best-selling cob building guide "The Hand-Sculpted House" (Chelsea Green, 2002) with Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley. In the late 1990's he moved to California and expanded his range of expertise to include straw bale, straw-clay, wattle-and-daub, earth bag, adobe, earthen ovens, timber framing, earthen floors, natural plasters and finishes, and energy-efficient, low impact passive solar design. He co-edited "The Art of Natural Building" (2nd edition, New Society 2015) and has contributed to several other books and many periodicals. Services include building siting and design consulting, workshop instruction, and some professional construction services.

  • Aresh Javadi

    My roots as an artist, educator, and community activist grew from the fertile soil of Shiraz, Iran, a city of enchanted gardens, where Hafiz’ mystic love poems are recited by heart around the table. I collaborate with people to create community and find solutions for a just world through art and celebrations, often in community gardens. My work has included educational projects with children and young people through schools and universities as well as legislative and direct action leadership to protect and enhance hundreds of community gardens in NYC. As the co-director of More Gardens! free South Bronx Summer Camp for children and their families, I’ve been honored to open the door to the power of nature to strengthen community and friendship for all involved. I am equally exhilarated to get dirty alongside students while embracing art, activism, and our living earth at schools and universities. Specialties: community earth-based art collaborations, environmental speaker & presenter, summer camp co-director, direct action art coordinator, community facilitator, encampment director (defending community gardens), mayoral forum producer, media liaison, government liaison, photographer.

  • Sundog School of Natural Building

    We teach Natural Building workshops, complete cob construction, earthen plasters, earthen ovens, rocket stoves, wood-fired water heaters, earthen floors, living roofs and so much more. We enjoy helping people find ways of living that depend less on fossil fuels and more on individual creativity and collective genius using natural systems and natural materials. At the Sundog School of Natural Building, we believe that Natural building is more than just a choice of materials or tools; it's a lever for transformation. We believe natural building is an appropriate response to a world out of balance. Taking a Sundog workshop opens your world to a whole host of possibilities to create a different future. You can choose to take a workshop at one of our sites or be a site host for one of the gatherings by hiring SunDog natural building instructors to hold a workshop at your location. SunDog School of Natural Building offers natural building workshops, classes, consulting, and apprenticeships. Contact us to learn more.

  • Kelly Pasholk

    Earth and Sun Sustainable Builders specializes in building earth bag and classic earthship type homes and other structures designed in harmony with their environments.

  • Madison Yuill

    Interested in cob/adobe/mud building workshops in Southern Arizona.

  • Susan Asher

  • Sue Rock

    I'm moving this week to a few rural acres in Joelton, Tennessee. I have been wanting to learn alternative building processes for many years. I have studied the AirCrete dome, Earthships, Eartberm etc etc but the cob has always been my favorite dream. I want to learn. I want to live well and love big. I have a grandson that I adore and want him to be connected to Earth Mother. I'm very excited to have found this website. A cob builder in California suggested I reach out to you guys. North Carolina is much closer to our family. Tally Ho!

  • Elliann Rea

  • House Alive

    I've been building with mud since 2004. It's hard to believe it has been that long, I guess time flies when you're having fun! I've facilitated workshops and projects in several countries and continents. I love seeing people get excited about the possibilities of building with earth: everyone who works with it is amazed by how versatile, strong, and just plain fun it is. ​ I have been working with House Alive on-and-off since the beginning. Conrad and I approach the process of learning to build in the same way. Workshops are focused on getting hands-on-experience, demystifying building concepts, and keeping things simple and manageable. I am always grateful for the opportunity to introduce the wonders of earth building to a new group of students! ​ In addition to teaching workshops, I also have done contract work in both the "conventional" and natural building fields. In 2014 I co-wrote a book about earthen floors (“Earthen Floors: A modern approach to an ancient practice’), with the goal of making that technique more accessible for people. I am a firm believer that earth building techniques can be used by anyone almost anywhere! All that is required is a little practice and patience.

  • Molly Smith

  • Tyra Young

    I'm Tyra from Cleveland Ohio and I now live in Georgia. I'm looking for a better way to build.

  • Tammy Van

    Seven Fire Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, people helping people through cultural preservation and sustainable education. In partnership with Cob Cottage Company and others, our SustainableU Project team teaches natural building and sustainable living in beautiful Bandon, Oregon since 2008.

  • Fernanda Samambaia

    Fernanda grew up in Brazil, and fell in love with Oregon around 2008. She got her hands and feet in the mud soon after she moved to Oregon, becoming involved with Cob Cottage Company. She was an apprentice of Sundog School of Natural Building in 2012. She has a deep desire to shift the paradigm, and to bring the awareness of re-indigenizing ourselves.

  • Steven Johnston

    I spent most of the 1990s working at various levels (local, national & international) on community development and environment issues. My work ranged from activism on those levels in Washington, D.C. to consulting with the US Agency for International Development’s Office of Environment & Urban Development on integrating NGO involvement in their projects as well as representing NGOs at meetings of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. Additionally, I also have worked with grassroots organizations in Mexico and managed an Americorps program in New Mexico (San Juan Pueblo) in support of their community development, sustainable agriculture and environmental protection efforts. I began my experience with cob construction and other natural building and alternative technologies with the Cob Cottage Company during courses in Mexico (1996) and Oregon (1997). I followed that up with a Permaculture Design Course with Jerome Osentowski at the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. In the late 1990s and early 2000s I worked on several cob/hybrid homes and built a number of cob ovens and benches. Now, after many years away from hands and feet in the mud, I returned to the world of cob! I currently consult on regenerative systems design. My wife and I live in Colorado, but we are looking for a cob friendly place to build our own home.

  • Pia Louise

    Where to begin ... new beginnings. I would like to build my own house. Raised the kids sold house during housing crash. Been very transient since then. I would like to learn and to also teach. Not just housing but living: sustainability and community. Being self sufficient and financially free.

  • John Powrie

    I am an Australian architect who has been a university lecturer for the past 10 years. My worklife has been in the building industry, the property development industry and the education industry. The subjects I have been lecturing in include topics relating to the property industry and business management. I want to move more into the use of sustainable natural materials and the development of easily accessible building techniques and tools. We must become more sympathetic with our planet.

  • Tim Hensley

    Jane Post has been a Massage Therapist for almost 20 years, a Tai Chi instructor & Martial Artist for almost 30 years and a Culinary Artist and Gardener for most of her life. She has been living in the Berea area since 1974 when she came here to attend Berea College and study ceramics. She loves cooking with and hunting for wild mushrooms, organic gardening and gathering all kinds of wild edibles. Jane Post has been a Massage Therapist for almost 20 years, a Tai Chi instructor & Martial Artist for almost 30 years and a Culinary Artist and Gardener for most of her life. She has been living in the Berea area since 1974 when she came here to attend Berea College and study ceramics. She loves cooking with and hunting for wild mushrooms, organic gardening and gathering all kinds of wild edibles. Her husband Tim Hensley is a horselogger, farmer, mushroom enthusiast and woodsman who has been in the Berea area since 1988. He has been marketing their home-grown and wildcrafted mushrooms and managing their well-diversified organic farming operation for around 15 years. Their farm is located amidst over 200 acres of unspoiled Appalachian forest in the Foothills east of Berea, Kentucky. Their property includes a rich diversity of plant and animal species, and is managed as a wildlife preserve. Incredible displays of wildflowers color the hillsides in spring, an amazing variety of wild mushrooms bloom there virtually year-round, and the woods and forest edges abound with wild foods of all kinds. The half-acre, spring-fed pond above the gardens provides both irrigation and delightful swimming throughout the growing season. Their cabin at the end of the road surrounded by beautiful forest and just 15 minutes outside of Berea provides an idyllic getaway and something of a window to days gone by. Come spend a day with us; letting our experience, our home, our farm and forest feed your mind, body & soul. You will be glad you did--guaranteed!

  • Lori Moore

  • Kirsten Robinson

    Raising two boys and moving into further transitions in the next several years, I dream of building a small cob home on a piece of property at Priest Lake, ID. Summers there are more and more full of threat of fire, and such a beautiful and pristine area, I would like to build naturally for simplicity, beauty, sturdiness and eco friendliness that cob embraces. My goal is to take some cob building classes in the next couple of years with my boys; help with projects in the area of eastern Washington and beyond, and eventually make this dream reality. AND finish reading my cob building books!

  • emmy akin olivo

  • Crystal Ruiz

    I have rehabbed many homes, but my occupation is elementary teacher. I love building structures and creating fun, earthy spaces. I sell in an antique mall, so am constantly puttering. I live in the mountains of California now and would love to move to New Mexico-- probably Taos where I could get an earthy home and land. I would love to build a guesthouse and studio using the Cobb Building method, which is why I'm interested in the workshop. I built a small cottage on my property using old door and windows, so have a sense of building structures, but am open to learning new ideas etc. I would like more information on the workshop so I can make a better decision.

  • Cat Taylor

    Located in the far northeastern corner of the piney woods of Texas, We are dedicated to sharing the knowledge of natural building with everyone that wants to learn, to enable those who want to escape paying a mortgage for the rest of their lives. We are located on 45 acres of gorgeous trees and ponds, with an ample supply of the prettiest red clay you have ever seen! Come check out our 220 square foot cob/straw bale home, which was featured on the Discovery channel in the fall of 2019!

  • elizabeth west

    we are an off grid homesteading farmily with seven full-time human dwellers and lots of animals. we delight in sharing our teaching & learning permaculture farmstead & invite you to our magical forest. we live off the gird on a microhydro electric & solar pv system; we have a few animals & grow much of our food. we unschool our children & love to travel! we are a working farmstead, so there are often a variety of projects in motion. we host workshops, camps, day programs & events year round. we work hard to lighten our footprint in this world, & our cabin, tent spaces & farmhouse are either built with earthen materials or we've been working to retrofit with natural plasters & light straw clay insulation. we try & love the life we live & live the life we love.

  • Skyla Scher-Luna

    Air Force veteran and spouse, americorps alumni, NOLS alumni, stationed in germany

  • Paul Wheaton

    Wheaton Labs is over 220 acres near Missoula, Montana. It is actually TWO pieces of property, base camp and the lab. We have and do here: hugelkultur, natural building, roundwood timber framing, wofati, cob, straw bale, slip straw, junkpole fence, willow feeder, natural plasters, earthen floors, green woodworking, conventional carpentry, solar - PV, experience using 12v vs. inverter systems, solar - food dehydrator, haybox cooker rocket stoves, rocket cooktops, rocket griddles, rocket ovens, rocket kiln and slow cooker, rocket mass heaters (we currently have 12 operating rocket mass heaters) owned by Paul Wheaton, the bad boy of Permaculture, was proclaimed by Geoff Lawton in 2012 the Duke of Permaculture. He is the creator of two on-line communities. One is about Permaculture,, and one is about software engineering, Co-author of the book Building a Better World in Your Backyard He is a powerful advocate of Sepp Holzer’s techniques, which a recent study showed to have the ability to feed 21 billion people without the use of petroleum or irrigation. He also promotes the use of hugelkultur, which sequesters carbon and eliminates the need for irrigation, and polycultures, which reduces the need for pest control and improves the health of plants. He wrote several articles about lawn care, raising chickens, cast iron, and diatomaceous earth. Paul regularly uploads permaculture videos and permaculture podcasts.

  • brad weirich

    Male, 64 yrs old. Pennsylvania

  • Katherine Nessmith

    Hi, I am interested in building a "retirement"cob house in my son's backyard as soon as his house is built in a couple of years. Just looking for information and checking into the work exchange program. Have a Gorgeous Day:) Kat


    Educated, international educator ready to retire to workshops and retreats in a Cob Village that we build. Need to keep studying but also learn hands on, to balance all the dreaming. Super excited with saving the planet, living in nature, being kind and eating food with gr8 peaceful people.

  • Kyle Isacksen

    Kyle runs the Be the Change Project in Reno, Nevada, and has been doing and teaching natural building since 2010. Be the Change Project is a nonprofit located at his family's urban homestead which is rooted in permaculture and dedicated to service, sustainability, and community upliftment. Kyle works regularly with House Alive! and has a background in construction and education.

  • Robert Brendler

    permaskills is a team of like minded and environmentally aware individuals, who want to share with you all the skills needed to live a sustainable life. We offer Life Coaching, host workshops for Natural Building, Responsible use of resources, Community creation, Non Violent Communication, and much more. Come join us on our mission to make life on this planet sustainable, fight the environmental crisis and restore what we can.

  • Brigitte Gamache

    I am a Canadian citizen leaving in the US for the last 20+ years with a dream to buy land south of the US border and build myself a Cobb home. I’ve taken a permaculture course in the past and have had a passion for building Cobb for 20 years but have not yet taken a course. I am interested in doing this month long course in January of 2021.

  • Debra Terrell

    I’m a baker and would like to build a cob oven

  • Olivier Fourniguet

  • Kelly Manos

    I started into the construction industry but have a deep faith in sustainable life styles of all kinds and want to round out my knowledge in all things sustainable. Hoping this site can help

  • Catherine Siska

    I am very curious about cob/adobe houses. My husband and I have moved and traveled a great deal over the past 37 years (raising 5 kids in the process) and I would like to build our home out of natural materials on a piece of land where we can welcome our family!

  • Michelle Stewart

    By sharing knowledge of natural building, we aspire to create a world in which we live in harmony with Mother Nature. Nick & Michelle created Earthen Ripples as a way to share knowledge about natural building. We live on King Parrot Country of the Maar People, at the foothills of The Otway Ranges, Victoria, Australia. We run natural building workshops, specialising in cob. A little family of 4 living close to the land. We sculpted, from the ground up, our own little earthen dwelling in which to raise our children and live to our fullest expression. A self empowering journey to be shared with all that resonate. Michelle is fierce creatress, finding ways to manifest her wild visions through art and earth building. She loves to share my knowledge of natural building and living with the Earth cycles, self empowering wisdom that goes hand in hand. She shares this knowledge in the hope that we can shift the current system and move towards a deeper, gentler and more loving connection with each other and our Earth Mother. Nick is also a landscaper and gardener, working mostly with native plants, practicing permaculture and biodynamic principles. He finds ways to work with nature instead of against it, using his landscaping/gardening knowledge to enrich our natural building skills. His creativity and practical building skills ground our projects, bringing our wild imaginings into reality.


  • Izumihay Izumi

    I am from Japan. I just got a small land in NC. I want to build own house, vegetable garden and well.

  • James Toye

  • Tim Onnen

  • Laah Wallace

    2 married middle-age women currently working on buying property in Northern California to build on and start a small mushroom farm. We are seeking both opportunities to volunteer and will likely request volunteers to help us build in the future. Thank you all for your contribution. L&T

  • Gilda Cox

    I'm recently retired, have always loved different crafts and find cob building very intriguing and beneficial. I traveled a bit when younger and was fascinated how other cultures live. I want to change my life style by going greener and learning new things.

  • Jaime Tollefson

    Interested in building cob in the future here in California!

  • Hilary England

    I’m an artist and author, and an avid traveler. I love the outdoors, nature, and natural living, and being in community with others who love the same!

  • Susan Krings

    Permaculture Education and Sustainable Infrastructure - In 2021 I formed DiHG Eco-Prise, a 501c3 public charity, to establish permaculture demonstration sites that evolve into community eco villages. Working to steward community climate resilience, sustainable habitat and a regenerative future requires an abundance of skills. We teach and provide experiences in many areas including natural building, horticulture and permaculture design. Our programs empower people to take their next best steps at home and in their local community. Please join us when you can. We look forward to meeting you.

  • Daniel Ray

    Spiritwood School of Natural Building is a company focused on instructing the public on permaculture practices. We focus mainly on natural construction using cob, strawbale, and natural plasters to create beautifully sculptural and non-toxic structures. ​ Spiritwood began when Katherine and Daniel moved back to Montana in 2013 and began building their first cob home. This house was a longtime dream and quickly took shape from much inspiration from Cob Cottage Company. In 2017 they began their second house build, a much larger balecob house. Now finished, the five acre property, is now being utilized for permaculture practices and natural building education.

  • Beau Davidson

  • Rainbow White

    As a materials management specialist I see a value of utilizing natural materials in building and other applications.

  • BJ Gann

    57, Male, lives East of Tulsa. Promotes regenerative agriculture.

  • Evangeline Mackey

  • Sylvin Bahr

  • ODelle Hall

    I’m retired from career as a Respiratory Therapist, and looking to build a cob home for a lot in the Northeast.

  • Jodine Wright

    I am interested in building a cob home on my property in South Carolina

  • Alice Geaccone

  • Christa Wilde

    North Eastern Vermont

  • Rob Pollacek

    Rob Pollacek, of California Cob, has been building and teaching with Cob since 1999. He specializes in tractor cob, moveable form systems, saunas and temples and teaching “Sacred Space “ cob workshops. He built a permitted 3000 sf cob home for his family in 2007 and continues to explore the latest in cob permitting.

  • LaDonna Comchoc

    Oklahoma, USA

  • blair phillips

  • Atticus Biswell

  • Inna Landowne

  • Leticia Montoya-Descalzi

    Couple in their late 50s. Daniel, IT guy at Duke and Mayo, Medical Interpreter at UNC

  • Alyson Wade

    We are an organic edible, medicinal, and native plant nursery and garden center in Marshall, NC. We host workshops on our property in an effort to build community skills and resilience.

  • Rachel Sallese

    My husband and I recently bought land in Sierra County New Mexico. Our intention is to build a strawbale home for our growing family. We are running a workshop hosted by the Steens and the Canelo Project. There will be much to learn from these experts in the field in a real world, hands on environment. More information can be found on the Canelo Project website.

  • Libby Holt

    Living in AR, shopping for land, hoping to build my dream cob home. Meanwhile, if my aging dog is welcome, I'd love the opportunity to learn by helping someone else build theirs.