Artistry with Clay & Lime taught by Athena Steen

Number of Students: up to 15 Cost: $900 The Project During this six day workshop we will cover the essentials of natural and earthen plasters and dive deeper into the […]

The Art of Natural Building

This action-packed, hands-on/feet-on workshop is for adults or youth ages 12 and up accompanied by parents. This week long courses touches on many aspects and styles of natural building, allowing […]

The Arts of Natural Plasters

Instructors: Athena Steen, Michael G. Smith, Viva Hansen and Blair Phillips Want a deep immersion into the Natural Plaster rabbit hole? In this two-week course, you will learn from facilatators […]

Natural Plasters and Earthen Floors

Sought-after natural builder and artist Athena Steen will show you how to beautifully plaster your walls and floors with natural clays. Educator, designer, builder for over 28 years of strawbale, […]

The Art of Natural Plasters: Clay & Lime Finishes

Instructors: Michael G. Smith, Athena Steen, Robert Kolden and Avani Leitz   The Art of Natural Plasters workshop is an immersive learning experience that focuses on the use of traditional […]