All the Basics of Building…the Fast Cob Way!

Lasqueti Island 1 Beautiful Bicycle Lane, Lasqueti Island, BC

We are continuing our 18 year tradition of hosting Fast Cob Natural Building Workshops...with our All-the-Basics-of-Building Fast Cob Workshop. Every All-the-Basics-of-Building Fast Cob Workshop includes: Natural Building Design: working with […]


“Create Sacred Space” 15 day Cob Workshop

Nevada City, CA

In this comprehensive 15 day workshop,  you will learn all the basics of building a small cob cottage, by creating a 15' diameter round Cob sauna temple space , with […]


Intro to Cob and Straw Workshop

This Cob House Greeneville, TN

Dates: July 15 – July 19, 2024 (YES. We are still having the workshop as scheduled.) Location: Greeneville, Tennessee Come and join us in beautiful eastern Tennessee for our next […]


Interior Plaster & Paints Workshop

A 4-day workshop teaching about interior plasters and paints over a strawbale wall system! We will cover the essentials of the interior plaster prep and application process specific to using […]

Cob Oven Workshop in Scotland

Old Deer, Scotland Mavis Bank, Old Deer, Grampian

Join us in the beautiful North East Scotland where we will build a cob oven. Expect to get dirty, have lots of fun, see some castles, whisky distilleries, and beautiful […]


Roofing for Fast Cobbers!

Lasqueti Island 1 Beautiful Bicycle Lane, Lasqueti Island, BC

The Roofing for Cobbers 3 day intensive workshop is new for 2024!  After building almost 20 roofs of 5 different materials, including Lasqueti's Arts Centre, it's time to share these […]


10-Day Natural Building Techniques

Cob hill natural building school hughes springs, TX

This action-packed, hands-on/feet-on workshop is for adults and youth ages 12+ accompanied by parents who intend to build their own cob home! Test your grit during 10 days at Cob […]