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A Complete Introduction to Ecological Building Techniques (Cob, Wattle and Daub, Earthbags, Natural Plasters)

About The Workshop This six-day workshop will cover considerations on picking a house site including passive solar design, building a rubble trench and natural rock and lime mortar foundation, wattle and […]

VersaTerra, a complete cob and natural building intensive

This is the most comprehensive workshop you can find. Decades of teaching on four different continents has helped us design this rich learning experience,  giving students the tools they need […]

soil magic week~Sept. 23-27, 2019

gardening, hugelkultur, earthworks, and natural building Activities could include (these are just the start of the ideas, see the gardening PEP badge thread, the natural building PEP badge thread, and the earthworks PEP badge thread for […]

Cob Oven Workshop

Join instructor Michael McDonough in the construction of a wood fired cob oven. We’ll also take time to explore clay and lime based plasters and floors. What to expect: Our […]