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Cob Outdoor Kitchen with Oven, Rocket Cooktop & Reciprocal Roof in the Azores Islands (São Miguel)

September 15, 2024 ∞ 12:00 pm - October 13, 2024 ∞ 12:00 pm

$1750 – $1950



Santa Fe CruzinCobGlobal Workshop, 2021


In this workshop we will be building a wonderful clay-based outdoor kitchen, as well as a beautiful reciprocal roof structure to go over it. The kitchen will include a wood-fired cob oven, great for baking and making pizza, and a Rocket-Lorena stove. The Lorena stove was developed by the Pueblo Indians as an ingenious way to efficiently cook and store heat. Between oven and stove we will install prep and serving stations, a sink, and some cob benches and “half” walls (time permitting).





5-week workshop students building a reciprocal roof in the Azores in 2023


In the first week we will learn how to install a reciprocal frame roof structure on an existing wood support, followed by a green roof covering.  In weeks 2 & 3 we will start with building various dimensions of interconnected lava stone foundations to support our Cob Oven, Rocket Stove Cooktop, and Counter/Work Table and Shelving and then begin making cob as we learn the technical building of an Oven and Rocket Stove & Cooktop.  In week 4 we will complete our work by finishing the cob with beautiful earthen plasters. All materials will be local, of course, to the island, except the refractory bricks and possibly one straw bale.


The beginning of the rocket stove


This workshop is designed as a crash course to familiarize participants with the global skills for building an outdoor kitchen. A lot of material will be covered and a lot of different tasks and processes will be happening simultaneously. As such, as a student, expect to be toggling between different areas of interest and be prepared to absorb a lot of information. Every other day we will engage in theoretical discussions and lectures after lunch to help contextualize the work we will be doing.

For anyone interested in learning beforehand, listed below is some recommended reading:

* “The Rocket Mass Heater Builder’s Guide” by Ernie and Erica Weisner
* “Build Your Own Earthen Oven” by Kiko Denzer
* “The Hand Sculpted House” by Ianto Evans, Michael Smith and
* “The Complete Cob Construction Guide” by Michael Smith

Participants in this workshop will learn:

1. the ins and outs of earth-based building, including cob, wattle and daub & earthen plasters

2. how to design and install a reciprocal frame roof structure

3. all about rocket stove technology: history, design, principles of combustion, fuel selection,      best practices, and how to integrate one into other cooking systems such as the Lorena stove

4. how to design, build, and operate a clay-based oven

5. a general approach towards designing an outdoor kitchen, including space optimization and efficiently locating appliances

4-Week Schedule:

Week 1: Reciprocal roof
Week 2: Foundations and drainage, Cob, Rocket Stove Core, and plumbing prep
Week 3: Oven and Lorena stove, install cabinet, shelving, storage and prep surfaces, and begin plaster prep
Week 4: Finish plaster prep, plaster, pizza party

Daily Schedule:

7:30-8:15 Breakfast
8:30-1:00 Class
1:00-2:30 Lunch
2:30-5:30 Class & Lectures
5:30-7:00 Rest/Yoga
7:00-8:00 Dinner
8:00-9:00 Slides/Videos/Discussion (once a week)

Students are expected to be on time and participate in all sessions and required activities as the goal of building a full construction depends on the whole group working together!


September 15, 2024 ∞ 12:00 pm
October 13, 2024 ∞ 12:00 pm
$1750 – $1950


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