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Advanced Cob Building Workshop: Build a Kitchen/Living Room (Foundation to Roof) at Quinta da Nossa Neta in Central Portugal!

August 28, 2022 ∞ 8:00 am - October 2, 2022 ∞ 5:00 pm



The workshop participants will build a 10-15m2 attached kitchen/dining/living room space which will be used to expand the temporary 44m2 indoor living space while the main house is remodeled..  The Advanced Cob Building workshops always build a complete structure from foundation to roof and students will experience every phase.

Week 1: Foundation & Floor #1

Week 2 & 3: Wall (windows, door, electrical, plumbing, roof connection)

Week 4: Sculpting & Plaster

Week 5: Reciprocal Frame Roof




Students will learn every step of building a Cob structure from foundation to roof.

location and design decisions (sun, water, wind)
soil analysis
soil testing
foundation building
preparing foundation for Cob wall
making Cob
building with Cob
inserting door, windows, electricity, plumbing, hooks, etc
inserting roof connection
earthen floor (one coat)
earthen plaster (1 coat)
building a reciprocal framed roof structure
building a green roof
building a “legal” Cob house
starting a Cob business
working with CCG

Lectures will be 2-3 times a week and will be aligned with the practical building. There will be a few slideshows by Instructor and students who want to share.


Students who complete the whole workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion which will include all they have done during the workshop, as well as the CruzinCobGlobal Handbook, which summarizes the workshop steps with graphics from the lectures. All the visual teaching materials as well as links, videos and other documents referred to in the lectures or slideshow night will be emailed to the students after the workshop.

For all the details please visit the website event page:

Advanced Cob Workshop (Foundation to Roof): An Indoor Kitchen/Living Room Space in Beautiful Central Portugal



August 28, 2022 ∞ 8:00 am
October 2, 2022 ∞ 5:00 pm


Quinta da Nossa Neta
Rua da Nossa Senhora da Saude, 51
Casais, Portugal
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Whatsapp +1 831 212-7225
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