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Work Exchange & Work Parties
Work Exchange: Offer labor for education and experience.
Work Party: Ask for help on your building project in exchange for sharing your knowledge.


  • Honesty says:

    My soon to be husband and I have been really looking into building a cob house when we move. He wants to take classes before we take on such a construction project since he’s only done conventional building. I unfortunately will stay behind to care for our homestead. I thought I saw somewhere that there was a veteran discount on the courses but now I am not seeing it now. Are there discounts for veterans?

  • Marcella Vedin says:

    Looking to volunteer to help with a cob house. I travel full-time in my RV but I’ve found the land I’m going to purchase and plan on building with cob. I have ample income to pay rent at any KOA but I’d rather be on site. Surrounded by like minded people who don’t think I’m crazy for recycling. I want to plant a garden! Recycle rainwater! Build a glass bottle wall! Does anyone else think like me??

  • Estel says:


    My name is Estel Roig. I am 26 years old and really interested in learning more about natural building, and possibly transitioning from my career (educational psychology – currently working at a school as the head of wellbeing) into the natural building world. However, I feel a bit lost in the next steps I need to take, as well as what the professional outlook is like for this type of job.

    Frankly, I do not know where to begin, as I am unsure on the training required to be able to become a “natural builder” or expert in the field. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. To clarify, I have NO background in architecture.

    Thanks a lot for your advice, and looking forward to hearing back from you!


  • Hale says:

    My partner and I are interested in work exchange/work parties.

  • Nicholas Jump says:

    please email me if y’all have work exchange opportunities, especially in California, where I live.
    I also am very interested in learning more cob and timber frame work.

  • Antonio Gagliasso says:

    We are in Paraguay! we need help building our house- we offer room and board

  • Simon says:

    Hello, im Simon from germany and 32years old. I am a carpenter and engineer for buildings. My passion is to build with natural Materials. I want to improve my skills in nature building. If you have projects within Europe i am so happy to hear from you.
    With besteht regards

  • Katherine Kier says:

    Hello there, I am Katherine, native of Texas, and am looking to do a work exchange in February 2024, as an immersive experience to celebrate my birthday. I have zero experience with building or architecture, however I do have a love for sustainable design, and I am quick to learn. I’m open to staying for the entire month, or just a few weeks.

  • Libby Holt says:

    Any Arkansans out there doing cob? I’d love to come help.

  • Jill Fordham says:

    artist. I have been commissioned to curate a local sustainably built community sculpture as part of a biodiversity garden. My design idea is to build a cob structure which can hold the stained glass window that I have already produced with the local school children.

    We have just received funding for the building of this project to go ahead for next summer.I have undertaken a couple of cob day courses, am practising making my proposed cob structure at home and am reading around and researching materials as much as I can and am realising how much I don’t know.

    I am looking for someone who might possibly be able to give a consultation about the whole project and a training workshop. I am also looking for someone who might potentially be able to assist me with the cob building and I am looking for opportunities where I could potentially volunteer to consolidate my own cob making skills. I would really appreciate your advice on the above questions.


  • Sinead says:

    Hello Cobbers,
    I will be graduating in my master of architecture in Calgary this year. I have a diploma in carpentry (apprentice 2) and would love to get more involved in sustainable practices and building methods. If anyone has projects or workshops in Cobb or other materials, then I would love to help out!

    • Anita Dupuis says:

      Hello Sinead; We are doing natural building with Cob and would love a visit from you when you have some time. You may be busy with school, but if you had a long weekend and wanted to get your hands in Mud, we could probably arrange for that. I’m also connected to other students in Environmental Sciences at Montana State University and University of Montana who are interested and you might get to meet some of them. My number is 406-250-7220 if you’d like to hear more.

      • Kamira Morris says:

        I am writing to express my interest in participating in a work exchange program, specifically in the field of sustainable construction. I have a deep passion for architecture and design, and I believe that contributing my time and effort to building homes would not only give me valuable experience, but also help me connect back to my childhood roots of being close to nature.

        I travel by bicycle everywhere, and consider myself a minimalist. I am particularly interested in learning about the construction of cob and adobe homes, and I am open to traveling to gain this experience. I believe that this opportunity would be both a rewarding and fulfilling experience for me, and I would be grateful for any chance to be a part of it.

        Please let me know if there are any opportunities available, or if there is anyone I can contact to discuss this further. Thank you for your time and consideration!

        Best regards,


  • Onyx says:

    Hello all, I’m in Calgary, Alberta. I’m hoping to create a community to help each other build cob homes. People need homes and I think we can help each other. I may be a bit slow (I’m partially disabled), but I can work hard, be meticulous, and I’m pretty good as design. I don’t mind commuting to local areas or reservations. We can share our knowledge and strength.

    I realize a lot of these posts are a bit old, but I hoping there’s others out there. Wishing you all good fortune.

  • Mari Taylor says:

    Hi there! My name is Mari, I am a Sustainable Architect in the UK. I will be travelling around North, Central and South America from October to December 2023 this year. I am looking to get my hands dirty and offer my skills for the months of November to December. I am open to paid workshops but also to volunteer opportunities. I am incredibly passionate about cob, earth and adobe building. My ambitions are to become a cob designer, I can’t do this until I understand the material at it’s core and work with it with my hands! I am a practical person with a fair bit of practical experience and completed my master’s thesis on adobe buildings – so I have the theoretical understanding too. I will also be completing the Earthship Biotecture Academy in New Mexico for the month of October. So I will hopefully be coming with lots of enthusiasm and more knowledge.
    Please let me know if you know of any projects that need workers. My email is and my website is

    • Anita Dupuis says:

      Hello Mari; Please see my messages above to Sinead and to Onyx. Would love to have you visit while you’re traveling in North America, and consider doing some classes/workshops here. Also check out, the folks whom I’ve been learning from so far. I may be traveling through New Mexico this Fall, and if the timing was good, perhaps we could connect. Let’s try to make contact and stay in touch.

  • Sami says:

    I am a Texas resident who would love to have the opportunity to exchange my skills for the experience of learning to build a house or structure from the ground up with my own two hands! I believe I saw that “skills” could be something as simple as cooking or cleaning, both of which I can do, and would be happy to do! I’m also great at organizing, work well in a team setting, and have excellent attention to detail! My schedule is open and I’m ready to try something new! Thank you for your consideration! I hope the summer months treat you well! ☀️🐝

  • Julia T says:

    Hello! My dream is to build a small cob house in Canada! I would love to exchange my labor for education and experience, since I have never built a cob structure. There is nothing like doing it! I’m currently based in Northern California, but any experience to get my hands dirty would be appreciated. I just quit my 9-5 in search of new experiences and people! Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Jenna Hix says:

    Hello, I am looking for a work exchange to learn and gain experience in building earthen homes. I am a single mom and would be bringing my 2 children (5 & 7), we are located in Nevada and would prefer opportunities in NV, OR or CA to keep costs low.

    Thank you so much in advance, I look forward to building and learning with. you soon 🙂

  • Debbie rivera says:

    Hello i am very interested in the work exchange because I’ve always wanted to become an earthen builder. I am soon to be moving to Guatemala and would ideally would love to build for myself. I am 30 years old, massage therapist & soon to be earthen builder =) I currently live in Virginia, USA but would be willing to travel for the work exchange experience.
    Thank you
    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hi! I’m looking for a work-exchange/internship program to learn cob building by helping out with a project. Open to opportunities worldwide, available now. You can contact me by email :

  • Shannon Exum says:

    Hello, I’m interested in trading labor for knowledge ASAP


  • Paul says:

    Hello my name is Paul. I own property in south eastern mo and looking to build a cob house in the near future. i have experience in remodeling and construction and would love to help someone else start a project and in exchange learn as I go.
    questions…..? anytime……


  • Brian Carter says:

    Hi! I’m a freelance photographer considering saving up to buy some land in New England and put a cob house down on it. My schedule can be pretty flexible. I’d love the chance to help someone with their build in exchange for my labor. I’m in North Jersey currently, but definitely willing to travel. I can stay for about a week give or take, or longer if my dog can also come along. As a side bonus, I’d also be coming with my camera to document a bit too. TIA! <3


  • I have an MFA and I am looking for experiences working with cob sculpture, decorative surfaces, and cob building.
    I have taken an introduction to cob building workshop before. Also, looking for the experience to fall between June or July 2023.

  • Tania says:

    Looking to.learn hands on on green building in exchange of labour

  • Hello! I’m in upstate NY and very interested in learning how to construct a cob house. I am willing to travel. I am looking to build a sustainable permaculture life and lower the barriers of entry for others to live like this too. Very interested in offering my time and labor in exchange to learn this technique.
    I also have a gardening podcast “Gardening Related”

  • Travis Lunsford says:

    I’ve been interested in learning to build with earthen materials for some time, and I’ve decided I’m ready to work and learn. I live in Asheville, NC and I am working musician but I’d like to dedicate time nearby my location to help and learn how to build with cob.

    • Yasmin says:

      Hello! I am an artist and environmental studies graduate very interested in cob building! I’m traveling and willing to go to many places, so let me know if you want someone who is willing to bring passion, excitement, and a creative eye to any cob/earthship project or learning experience.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Hola! I am Carmen Jimenez from currently residing in Puerto Rico, but looking to travel everywhere. I am looking for work exchange opportunities. I can offer my labor (highly trained in ceramics and building) in exchange for education and lodging! I love cob and earthen building and have worked with a few experts. Please reach out to or follow me on Instagram @carmenmakesthings

  • Tuesday says:

    Hey folx. My name is Tuesday. I’m eagerly looking to offer my labor in exchange for education and experience building a cob house. I’m desperately needing to get away from the Mon-Fri 8-5, eat, sleep, work, repeat, routine. Learning to build with cob is a life goal and dream of mine. Building a forever home for my daughter and I one day is my main goal and I hope that I can find a workshop with wonderful people to help lead me to my dreams. ❤️

  • Heaven Frisbie says:

    Excited to learn to build cobb hands on. Summer 2023 is perfect for me for availability. I am in central mid west but able to travel to learn.

  • Deb says:

    Hi all! I’m looking to help with cob building of any sort to learn more in New England. I’m in Boston but very mobile. Let me know if anyone needs a hand in the area.

  • Rebecca Guidry says:

    I am in Glendale Arizona looking to get some hands on experience with building with cob

  • Marissa Gilcrease says:

    I know zero about this and would love to learn so that eventually I can build my own cob house. I will be glad to put in the work in order to learn the technique.

  • Catherine Clancy says:

    Hi everyone!!
    looking for a cob home building workshop or work exchange for Summer 2023.

  • Hayes Cohrs says:

    Howdy looking for a cob home building workshop or work exchange for Summer 2023.