Work Exchange & Work Parties


  • bearfoot says:

    Hello all!
    In addition to our 3 month apprenticeship program we also offer work exchange/volunteer opportunities at our new location in Costa Rica. For more detailed information please see our website at!

  • We are looking for some folks very serious about learning to build and teach cob building. This work trade / apprenticeship opportunity is at the Disputanta Cob building school in Central, KY. In exchange for free registration for our most popular workshop, “From the Ground Up with Cob,” we need a couple people to help us get ready the week before, and clean up the week after.

    You will also learn how to get ready for a workshop, gather materials, presentation skills, how to organize you natural building business, and other interpersonal skills such as, “How to Handle Difficult Situations with Tact and Diplomacy.” Not only will you learn to build your own home with cob and a natural rock foundation, you will gain the knowledge and skill to host and teach a workshop yourself.

    “From the Ground Up with Cob,” workshop is May 15-19, 2017, and the highlights are ~ Natural Stone Foundation, ~ Building Cob Walls. ~ Sculptural ~ Artistic Cob, ~ Natural & Lime Plasters, ~ Earthen (Adobe) Floor. We are located in Central Kentucky, about 15 minutes outside of Berea. For more details about the Workshop go to For more information about the work trade call Diane Jennings at 606-256-8954 or contact me through the website contact page.

    ~ Disputanta Cob

  • Wanda says:

    I am also moving that way…close to bama. Very interested in cob building course…simple home grown living….minimalist. I prefer way north bama…Chattanooga TN or Rome GA
    I’m Wanda.

  • Jameson Knight says:

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for any cob or natural building opportunities in Florida or SE USA up til June, maybe later. Does anyone know of any internships, workshops, work exchange or apprenticeships. I also may be going back to New England in June, anyone know whats going on up there?
    Thank you

  • Jeremy says:

    We are located in NW Alabama and will be hosting a cob building collective over Memorial Day weekend. We will provide primitive camping sites, outdoor showers, composting toilets, food and live music. We are not cob experts, but we do have experience and a large project underway. We will be doing cob, strawbale, and cord wood projects over the weekend and are seeking others who would like to take part. Please email me ( if interested. His is an operating family homestead, so only respectful like minded folks need apply. Hope to see you there!

  • Michelle says:

    Hey all I live in Alabama and was wondering if there are any nearby natural building courses. Also am very interested in permaculture design if anyone can help point me in the correct direction to further educate myself. Thank you 🙂

    • Jeremy says:

      See my post above yours. We can help!

    • Hi Michelle,
      We are looking for some work trades for our May 15-19th, “From the Ground Up with Cob,” workshop. It is a mini apprenticeship for three weeks, starting the week before the workshop, continuing through the workshop, and another week after. Please call or contact me through our contact us form on the website if you are interested and would like more information about the opportunity.
      Diane ~ 606-256-8954

  • Tobias Roberts says:

    Hey everyone: We´re going to be building a number of small cob cabins for a community eco-tourism project in the mountains of El Salvador. We´re looking for a couple motivated long-term volunteers. If you´re interested, send us a message at:

    • Curtis Carnet says:

      Good evening Tobias,
      Wow! Sounds like a great opportunity. What are the specifics: out of pocket money / expenses, schedules / itineraries, ect… today is the 18th, have I missed the boat?


  • Linda says:

    Do you allow people to host a workshop on their land in exchange for the attendees building them a house or partial house?
    Do you only do it in Oregon or can u do it in AZ?


  • Linda says:

    I would like to know if there are still people out there that will train people to build you a cob or straw bale house on your lot if you feed everyone and let them camp on your lot.

    • doug mackenzie says:

      i live in the foothills of the sierra nevada in central california and am building a berm/mud house on the edge of a creek in the woods; it is winter now so it’s too cold to camp; i’d be happy to show you how to build with mud and stone come spring and i would welcome the help; call for more info; 559-855-4899

    • Jeremy says:

      If you still are interested, see my post at the top!

  • Angie Young says:

    I am hoping to find a teacher and or workshop down in Todos Santos, Baja California this winter. I would love to learn the process, and gain the skills. I do have an acre in Todos, and would be more than grateful to host a teacher and the work party. Thank you,
    Angie Young

  • Spencer says:

    Currently seeking a work exchange program, in natural building, preferably cob housing or sustainable living.

  • Mud Builders of Atlanta have cob projects frequently. They are on facebook at

  • desi says:

    hi all! I live in Northern Mississippi but am willing to travel. My son and I are interested in learning to build with cob. Thank you!

  • Lola Ben-Alon says:

    Hi guys, I’m an architecture students, with some experience in earth-bag building and gardening.
    I’m looking for any kind of natural building experience, I’m with my husband and together we make a great team of four working hands!
    Anything around the US will be fine.
    I’m available between Dec 15th – Jan 15th
    and June-September.
    Thank you!!!

  • Maud says:

    Hi Folks,
    I am seeking a work trade for any type of natural building experience. I am fit and eager to learn, seeking opportunities in California (perhaps Oregon). Please let me know!

    Thanks, much love!

  • Julene McGaw says:


    I am very interested in learning more about both permaculture and cob workshops. Please Email me more info!

    Thank you,

  • Jessica says:

    Hi there,
    Our family is doing a small project soon on Whidbey Island, just a few weekends of clay plastering. If it seemed like it would be a good fit for all of us you could stay at our farm on those weekends. You can email me at

  • Todd Hymel says:

    I live in Seattle and am willing to work on a natural building project. I’m portable and have my own van to live in while working.

  • Alexandra E. says:

    Want to know about Cob workshops

  • William Egan says:

    hey y’all, interested in getting dirty with some good ol hands on experience with any sort of earth building. I’m living in Atlanta, Ga so if you’ve got any projects that need help and you’re in a 3-4 hour radius, I’m your guy